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pop up blind?

What do you guys think about useing pop up blind's like a hay bale or something to hunt deer with? have never done it but i have one and am wondering if its worth trying? maybe setting it up in a littel field or a cut line? any suggestions?

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pop up blind?

I have one and seldom use it. It's not the fully enclosed tee-pee or wigwam style though - just a 3-sided screen. I find the shooting windows awkward to manage and any wind abive a gentle breeze causes it to move and sway (if not not out right blow away) so much I feel it defeats the purpose. I've had better luck just sitting dead still with no screen, especially if I can get some branches or grass in front.

My advice is if you're getting one get a big one that you can:
1 - SOLIDLY peg down and secure
2 - LOTS of usable interior room for you, your chair and gear, and that allows you to manouever your rifle around without noise or difficulty.

My best brainchild has been buying a length of 30" wide camo burlap material from a local hardware store (Cdn Tire for all you Canucks reading this) and attaching three sharpened pegs to it. I settle in at the base of a tree and stick it in the ground in front of me. Does the same thing as my pop-up for about a third of the cost.

Also since you mentioned a small hay field I'd probably buy a half dozen square hay bales and use them to construct a blind. Although not "portable" like a pop-up they're easily transportable in a pickup - and there's nothing out of place about seeing hay bales in a hay field. Plus you can use them as a very sturdy shooting rest. (If you have enough you can make a very comfy little shooting house out of them to, but that would take about a dozen bales)

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pop up blind?

I use blinds alot! I've found that if you have a hill on the property you are hunting set up almost at the top but not all the way on top of the hill. I just use downed timber and banches and set up a nice sterdy rest for my rifle then fill it in with more banches and twigs. Since i'm on a hill behind me is hidden by the sloping hill and in front is my rest/ blind these usually work pretty good for me and they are free to set up and only take about 30 mins, not easyly movable but they serve the purpose and you cant beat the price

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