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Poll: Should there be restrictions on use of ATVs...

October 2005 Poll:

Should there be restrictions on use of ATVs on public land during hunting season?

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Poll: Should there be restrictions on use of ATVs...

I think it'd be interesting to break this one down by location. Up here in Alaska, for example, it's not just a matter of convenience; it's a matter of access. There's enormous amounts of public land and not that many ways to get to it. For example, there's close to 500 miles between Fairbanks and Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay), and the vast majority is serviced by only one road -- the Dalton Highway -- which follows the pipeline. You can't use a firearm within 5 miles of that pipeline. You don't have the Forest Service road network you have in the Lower 48, but you do have a few trails. Then there's the logistics of getting 1000 lbs of moose out of the backcountry.

Bear in mind that the population is sparse, too. You don't even have to wear orange up here.

I've seen a lot of different hunting environments, and IMO it's tough to boil this issue down like this. There are places where ATVs are more of a necessity and conflicts arising out of hunter density are fewer.

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Poll: Should there be restrictions on use of ATVs...

All things are relative. If the public areas available for hunting are small, I'm guessing that ATVs would be very annoying.

Here in Colorado some public areas already restrict ATV use during hunting season. However there are areas that attract too many hunters and it makes it frustrating for everyone. Too many people, too many 4x4s and ATVs. In Colorado you can choose to hunt wilderness areas, which is of course restricted - no motor vehicles of any kind.

I'm sure in Alaska 4x4s & ATVs are a necessity.

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Poll: Should there be restrictions on use of ATVs...

In MO alot of the public land doesnt allow atv's at all. But we they are nowhere near the size of public land in other states. Its mostly a couple hundred acres here and forty over there.
For the public land that does allow ATV'S I do think it needs to be restricted during hunting season, becasue theres nothing worse then having a fat deer get scared off because some jerk was carelessly flying around on his ATV.

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New to the board, but HAD to reply to this. I think in the beginning of the posts, that it depends on where you live. Alaska of course you NEED something to get back in 'to the hunt'. But where I live in Missouri they are a pain in the.....tush. We have 50+ acres and border the National Forest on 2 sides. We have posted paint, TONS of signage for Private Property, No Hunting, No Tresspassing....you name it. But, we are CONSTANTLY having to go on fence runs to fix fence, as the ATV riders CUT the fence and come on in anyway. Signs and paint mean nothing to these people. SOOO aggravating! I worry about hubby when he's hunting knowing these people are out there, and on days like today, we saw bright orange all over the ridges around us, and in looking through the binoculars, all were carrying rifles. No, it's not gun season yet, but it's "Youth Weekend" and even though there were 8 men, they had one child with them to "keep it legal". Hello....that's absurd! The only one who DIDN'T have a gun was the child!! Think Makes a person wonder! And the ATV riders haul butt everywhere! These people ALL had ATV's. I'm sorry, but around here, when you are anything motorized, the deer run away....far away. Today we only saw 2 deer, right before dark, and we have 10 "usuals" who are here everyday for extremely extended periods. :( 2 sets of Momma's also that each have twins! They were fun to watch grow this summer! Each has a boy and a girl.

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Poll: Should there be restrictions on use of ATVs...

ATV's can be very annoyoing at times. But then again I use them to get into places I don't want to take my truck. Lets see, $40,000 vs $6000.00. I believe that ATV users that are true hunters use them wisely. But, there are a number of people that do road hunt with them. But wait, people use their trucks to road hunt. But wait, people drive their trucks to get to where they are going. I believe the problem is that there are way too many roads that give too much access to too much land. I personally do not have a problem with ATV's or trucks, what I have a problem with is the road hunter. Most of the roads that are driven during hunting times are old logging roads, fire roads and old fire dozer lines that people have made into roads.

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Poll: Should there be restrictions on use of ATVs...

I thank you should beable to go get your downed game with them or get to a hunting area. But to hunt off one all day no that isn't right. That's like running them down in some areas.

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