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pocket projector in the pack

This might be a dumb question, but i'm new to hunting. My friend recently got me in to it (archery hunting). My question is, would bringing a pocket projector on our trip be a dumb idea? If i were to watch movies or something inside my tent at night, would that spoil the area for the next day?

i'm not talking about some super bright 20000 lumen projector, but like a small handheld 11 lumen piece that is about the size of my phone.

I figure a lot of people set up fires during their camping trips and still hunt the area effectively. This can't be as bad, right?

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Re: pocket projector in the pack

Part of the hunting experience, for me at least, is to get away from modern conveniences. If you need something to do at night, bring a hunting mag/book to read so you can learn more about the sport. Leave the electronics home, they'll be there when you get back. Good hunting!

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Re: pocket projector in the pack

TV on a hunting trip? I thought that's what beans were for.

A good hunting trip is when you roll into camp after dark, strip off the gear, cook a meal, eat it by the fire, tell some lies, make a plan for tomorrow, and crawl into a sleeping bag because you're too beat to stay up. Other than a GPS, the only electronics I've taken into the back country is a sat phone to call home and let the wife know I made it through another day without being eaten. My son used to take his iPod, but that was because Metallica would drown out the snoring.

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Re: pocket projector in the pack

If you have enough energy to watch a movie after a day of hunting then you're not hunting hard enough. During deer and elk seasons we are usually up and gone way before sunlight and don't get back until after dark. While one is cooking dinner who ever else is there is doing chores getting ready for the next day. After dinner and the dishes are done it's lights out. You'll never know how nice it is not to have any distractions such as radio's and TV's while on the mountain. I do remember a few years ago on a muzzleloader elk hunt when after hiking to the top of a hill and not seeing anything we decided to eat lunch. After lunch my hunting partner pulled out of his pack a 4" screen TV of all things. While he watched a football game I went hunting and bagged a nice 5 pt bull. He still hasn't lived the TV down.

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Re: pocket projector in the pack

Well I would say no the tv won't hurt hurt or scare the animals away.
Not something I would be concerned with taking and can say if thats what blows your hair back then let it fly... You might want to see if any of the other hunters going with you will have a problem with this, as you can tell from alot of these responses you will probably get picked on some for this. Yes

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