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Poaching pukes

I've been bothered big time ever since the big poaching "ring" was broken up here locally and hit the paper yesterday. These degenerates illegally killed hundreds of deer on post at Ft Campbell and had the balls to have several of them mounted to show off (now there's a real man for ya!).

I honestly feel that with how out of control these men (I use the term men very loosely here) had gotten (hundreds of deer!) they should do some time in the big house. Nope, that doesn't mean a nice hunting lodge. I really feel that way. I'm sure others may feel differently, but I'd honestly like to know what you all think should happen to these..... lowlifes.

What do YOU think??


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I think they should throw the

I think they should throw the book at them.  Wheter it be in fines, jail time...or both which would be nice.  Guys like this just make us all look bad and then to boot they are taking wildlife away from all of wheter a hunter or not.....string em up!!

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No argument

Book 'em, Dano.

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Through the book at them.

Through the book at them. Here in NM we have the trophy law. If the animal is over a certain size they get hit with that and that puts the fine up to $10,000 an offence. 

They meed their Necks stretched. Mad

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