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place to hunt?

I am looking for a guide/outfitter to go on a hog hunt with. Cost is kind of an issue and I need to know about how much it will cost. All I have been able to find on the internet for hunting trips are on game farms and I don't want to shoot a pig that someone just let out of the barn. Any info would be appreciated. thanks

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place to hunt?

not all perserve hogs are barn raised, they are a tough critter no matter where you hunt them.

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place to hunt?

With low cost air travel consider a trip out to West Texas........almost any landowner in the area welcomes the chance to weed out a few wild hogs. Make a few contacts and arrange a hunt. It may take a few calls and time to establish rapport/trust but you can with some effort. They want to get rid of hogs and you can help them out. I lived in Abilene for 5 years and found landowners to be very approachable and willing to reduce their hog population.

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place to hunt?

Check out this ranch.


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hog hunt

I live in Florida and have just shy of 200 acres with hogs on it. I would be willing to trade a deer hunt in WI for hog hunt in FL. Just a thought.

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