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Photos of Mule Deer in Velvet

2506deerslayer the deer look good and healthy in Colorado as well, at least in the areas that have gotten some moisture this year. Not sure how they're doing in the southwest corner where they still haven't gotten much relief from the drought.

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Photos of Mule Deer in Velvet

The moisture was really good until july and after that it has been dry, but I think they got the nutrition they needed early enough to have good growth, I used to work with my dad on a ranch in N.central nebraska but now I work as a welder so I don't see a whole lot but he told me just the other day he seen 8 bucks, none was under a 4 point not including brow tines and the biggest was a 170 class deer! big for my area and 2 others were 150 to 160 class and the others were young bucks with good potential! so hopefully I will have some good hunting in the years to come.

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