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Pheasants in Iowa

In case any of you are staring to plan your trips this fall, you can cross Iowa off your list.  We had almost 14" of rain in June (peak nesting season) across most of Iowa.  NW Iowa will again be the only glimmer of hope.  There are certainly areas all across the state to find some birds but the best brid hunting is on ground amanegd for bird hunting and access to that ground is impossible unless you are in the loop.  Iowa harvested an all time low of approx 275,000 pheasants in 2009 and it will be worse this year.  A very hard winter followed by a very wet spring and early summer coupled with the lose of a ton of CRP = piss poor bird hunting.  Let's hope SD and KS hang on for the next couple years.  I do not see strong bird numbers returning to Iowa in the near future and possiblly ever.


The days in this photo are likely a thing of the past.

Opener 2006 #2.JPG
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