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Personalized Hunting Maps for Colorado and Wyoming

Hunting In Colorado

$25 Hunting Special

Trying to obtain maps about Elk or Deer movements in Colorado; or trying to find a map that will give you a detailed layout of the vegetation as well as topography with 3D visualizations than your in luck.

My name is Brion Holland, I am a free lance cartographer based in Colorado, ready to take care of your spatial needs.

There are many sites out there that can give you a generic-overview of an area that may or may not contain information that you are looking for. I can provide you with detailed, targeted results.

This year I am offering hunters a $25 dollar special for single Colorado GMU, $100 dollars for 10 GMU’s or, for the first time, $200 dollars for every GMU west of I-25. For this price you will receive the following for each section:

- Three sets of 7.5 min USGS TOPO Maps that cover your entire section. The first set are the basic USGS Maps (available in both digital and paper formats), the second set contains an wide variety of information about the area with sets of GPS coordinates. You can have your own information placed into these maps (available only in digital format). The third set comes with your specified animal (see list below for animals I can offer) information in relation to movements, migration corridors, cold weather areas, breeding areas and resident areas (also available in both paper and digital formats).

- You will also receive area overview maps of 1. Hydrology 2. Roads and services 3. Vegetation 4. Land ownership (state vs. private).

- 3D overviews of all non-private areas of your section (if you are hunting on private land with permission, let me know and I will include that area.

The $25 dollars is for all of this in a digital format; it is an extra $20 dollars to have them all printed onto waterproof/rip-proof paper and an extra ten dollars for every extra animal you want me to generate information for. For Example, if you order section three and you are hunting elk you will receive the section for $25 dollars, but if you decided that you would also like information on Mule Deer then I only add $10 dollars to the price. If you only want certain maps on paper let me know and we can adjust the price to match. If you order you can have your digital information sent to you through emails or mailed to you (I use the U.S. Postal Service) in the form of a CD. All paper products are also mailed using the U.S. Postal service and generally 7 to 10 days after order. After 10 days your order will be available to be seen online on a private web page to which only you will have the password and you will have the ability to access the HollandGeographic web site (only available to clients). There are no postage and handling fees. You do not pay up front! An invoice and pre-paid envelope will be sent with your order; when you receive your order (if you are satisfied) just mail a cash or check back in the envelope

If you do not see what you are looking for in the list above, write me an email or give me a call and I’ll build a plan that works for your needs and your budget.

No payment is due for my services before receipt of your order and if you are not satisfied I will refund your payment. Prices are based off of your needs and quotes are given once we discuss what you will be needing. I want to make sure that you have the best experience possible with the best price possible.

All orders are shipped within one week of your order (unless otherwise specified during time of order) and again, you do not pay a cent until you have your product in your hands.
Unless otherwise requested all of the data/maps/information I provide are in a digital format to ensure that you receive the information in a timely manner. If you desire to have your information on paper your order will take a few days longer due to postage delays.

To place an order call me at 303-653-4186 or e-mail me at [email protected]

I look forward to working for you.

Brion Holland
[email protected]