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Perfect Elk Rifle/Ammo

Let's start a crusade. I've spent my life hunting the black timber of Montana, and have envisioned the perfect elk combo. If after reading my rantings you find yourself of a like-mind, make some noise. Maybe we can encourage the manufacturers in question to make these products available. Drum role please...

The perfect Elk Rifle--a standard Ruger No. 1 chambered for 338-06.

Perfect ammo--a (reasonably priced) Hornaday Light Magnum load topped with a 210 grain boat-tailed SST.

There could be no better elk stopper. The falling block action of the No. 1 is the strongest thing going. Its 26 inch barrel gives a significant velocity boost to any load, and would seriously take advantage of Hornaday's Light Magnum technology. The overall length is quite compact despite the long barrel. It's heft is certainly manageable but heavy enough to hold steady in an alpine wind and to reduce recoil.

The end result of this combination would be a strong, compact, and ultimately reliable machine capable of magnum performance without the recoil, muzzle blast, and bore wear of its big brother .338 Win. Mag. To those who would call a bolt rifle with a magazine full of follow up shots a better choice, I say practice with the No. 1 for a while and you'll be amazed at how fast you can chamber that second round. Moreover, once you start hunting with a single shot, you'll be pleased at how accurate you become.

Make this dream rifle stainless steel, and you'll have a legacy you can work hard and hand down to the next generation not much worse for wear.

Thank you...I'll be here all week.


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Perfect Elk Rifle/Ammo

I like a single shot... muzzleloader. Mine is a .54 caliber, shooting 430 grain conicals. Recoil is hefty, but not really too bad. Knockdown power on an elk is better than any centerfire I've ever used!

When I'm not carrying that I have a .30-06 that I load with 180 grain Light Magnums and that does the trick nicely also.

Different strokes for different folks. You may consider a centerfire single-shot in .338-06 to be the perfect elk rifle, but I like my choices.

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Perfect Elk Rifle/Ammo

In heavy timber I have had great luck with Marlin 1895 45/70 350 gr hornady bullets my own handloads.

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