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Pentax NRA Show Samples

Pentax NRA Show Samples

We have inventoried the Pentax NRA Show Samples that we received. These are all very discounted. We have separated the list into Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Riflescopes as well as ones with the packaging and items that are loose. All of these items are covered by Pentax' Worry Free Warranty*. If you have any questions please feel free to call and speak with Doug or Neil. All prices include DHL ground shipping to a street address in the USA. We do not ship riflescopes outside of the USA. We have added an NRA Show Sample page to our website, and our web builder is adding all these Pentax items to it.

Show Sample Binoculars with Packaging
62197 10X24 UCF G GOLD $19.99
62623 8X43 DCF ED $629.99
62216 8.5 X 21 PAPILLIO $89.99
62560 8X42 DCF WP W/CASE $139.99
62615 8X43 DCF SP $349.99
62618 12.5X50 DCF SP $499.99
62621 10X33 DCF XP $149.99
65793 16x50 XCF $64.99
65804 12X50 PCF WP $84.99
65809 12X50 PCF WP II $139.99
65810 20X60 PCF WP II $179.99
62599 9x28 DCF LV $219.99

Show Sample Spotting Scope Eyepiece with Packaging
70509 EYEPIECE SMC XL 20-60 zoom $299.99

Show Sample Riflescopes with Packaging
89621 4.5X-14X 42mm PIONEER MT (BP) $199.99
89488 2.5X L.S. SG MO BREAK-UP (DW) $174.99
89614 3X-9X 40mm PIONEER MT (BP) $149.99
89618 3X-9X 50mm LIGHTSEEKER XL (BP) $349.99
89611 8.5X-32X 50mm LS-30 MATTE (BP Side PA) $449.99
89556 3X-9X-40mm WTU MO BREAK-UP (TW) $199.99
89613 3X-9X 40mm PIONEER MT (P) $149.99
89615 3X-9X LIGHTSEEKER XL GLOSS (P) $299.99
89711 3X-9X 40mm GAMESEEKER MT (PP) $69.99
89554 4.5X-14X-50mm WU MATTE (TW) $319.99
89557 3X-9X 50mm WTU MATTE (BP) $249.99
89612 8.5X-32X 50mm LS-30 MATTE (MD Side PA) $499.99
89712 4X-12X 40mm GAMESEEKER MT (PP) $89.99
89510 3X-9X L.S. GL (PP) $219.99
89511 3X-9X L.S. MT (HP) $289.99
89514 3.5X-10X L.S. MT (PP) $259.99
89522 4X-16X L.S. MT (PP) $359.99
89523 4X-16X L.S. MT (HP) $359.99
89538 4X-16X-50mm LS-30 MATTE (HP) $399.99
89541 4X-16X-50mm LS-30 MATTE (MD) $439.99
89544 2.5X-10X-50mm LS MATTE (HP) $289.99
89603 3.5X-10X 50mm WU MATTE (LBP) $329.99
89609 6X-24X 50mm LS-30 MATTE (BP Side PA) $439.99
89610 6X-24X 50mm LS-30 MATTE (MD Side PA) $479.99
89715 1.5X-6X 40mm GAMESEEKER MT (PP) $69.99
89718 1.75X-5X 20mm GAMESEEKER M (PP) $64.99

Show Sample Spotting Scopes and Eyepieces (no outer box)
70505 EYEPIECE SMC XL 21 $169.99
70506 EYEPIECE SMC XL 28 $159.99
70510 35mm CAMERA ADAPTER FOR PF $229.99
70514 EYEPIECE SMC PENTAX XW-10 $239.99
70517 EYEPIECE SMC PENTAX XW-30 $339.99
70518 EYEPIECE SMC PENTAX XW-40 $339.99
70530 EYEPIECE XF ZOOM $179.99
70967 PF-65EDA II SPOTTING SCOPE $329.99

Show Sample Riflescopes (no outer box)
89025 3.5X-10X L.S. GL (HP) $249.99
89026 3.5X-10X L.S. MT (HP) $259.99
89401 3X-9X L.S. II MT (PP) $289.99
89403 4X-16X L.S. II MT (PP) $349.99
89405 6X-24X L.S. II MT (FP) $359.99
89481 4X-12X MINI SAFARI $199.99
89483 ZERO-X L.S. SG MT (DW) $174.99
89487 2.5X L.S. SG ADVANTAGE (DW) $169.99
89490 6X-18X GLOSSY $199.99
89498 3X-11X L.S. MT (PP) $299.99
89528 4X-16X L.S. MT (MIL DOT) $399.99
89553 4.5X-14X-42mm WU MATTE (BP) $274.99
89620 4.5X-14X 42mm PIONEER MT ( P) $189.99
89701 GAMESEEKER RD10 $37.99

Some of the riflescopes have been mounted at the show and may have ring marks. Nothing extensive, however, they may be a mark.

*The Pentax "Worry Free" Warranty
Pentax Sport Optic products are of the highest optical and mechanical quality. If your Pentax Binocular, Spotting Scope or Riflescope purchased in the USA from an authorized Pentax Sport Optics dealer requires repair, Pentax will repair or replace it to the original purchaser (even if damaged by fault) for a charge of $19.95, to cover handling and return shipping.* This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, theft or loss. (Replacement may be with comparable model at Pentax's discretion if the original model is no longer available.)
* Applies only to unmodified equipment or product with modifications performed by authorized Pentax repair personnel.

Thank you for your support.

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