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Pentax Display Goods
Pentax Display Goods

We are starting to work on redoing our in store display cases for the upcoming holidays. This works out well for you as we need to sell off the current display products. Since these are ones and twos we do not bother changing anything on our web page. This is a call in, first come first gets it kinda thing. The prices are well below cost so if there is anything here that interests you give a call. All are optically & functionally perfect. The boxes have been stored down in our basement so they may have seen a better day, however, I never saw anyone take the outer box into the field. These will all come with a strap (may not be the original one), case and caps.

10x50 PCF WP II Binocular only $99.99

10x50 PCF WP Binocular only $74.99

12x50 PCF WP Binocular only $84.99

8x40 PCF WP II Binocular only $89.99

8x40 XCF Binocular only $39.99

10x50 XCF Binocular only $49.99

8x28 DCF MP Binocular only $69.99

8-16x21 UCF Zoom II Binocular only $49.99

8x32 DCF ED Binocular only $599.99

8x43 DCF ED Binocular only $649.99

10x43 DCF ED Binocular only $699.99

10x50 DCF ED Binocular only $749.99

10x25 DCF SW Binocular only $99.99

10x25 UCF WP Binocular only $79.99

8x20 MCF II Binocular only $29.99

10x21 UCF R Binocular only $39.99

Please call Doug or Neil to place an order. Thanks, as always, for your continued support.
All orders over $100.00 include Fed Ex ground shipping to street addresses in the USA.

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