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Pattern Changes

It seems to me that as soon as the first gunshot goes off in the woods near the area I hunt , the entire pattern changes. The deer seem to either become nocturnal or change their paths to their food sources all together . Its quite bothersome . I went to a place this morning that has always produced several does quite regularly but to my dismay they didnt show at all . I even went to a second spot where a nice 6 pointer frequents and he was also a no show. Cry

I could and do sometimes gun hunt , but to me its like shooting fish in a barrel . If I can see it I can kill it most of the time . Bow hunting is indeed a true form of hunting that has been lost over generations and my hope is that it doesnt dwindle as time goes on .

I pray for Dec 11th to come quickly and end the monkey fest where every moron that owns a shotgun leaves the woods and goes home to drink his or her beer . Hopefully the deer will resume their normal patterns before the season end on Jan 31 .

Deer are remarkable animals with great instincts and senses and I respect their inginuity during the gun season.

Yes there is a question in here , Wink

How do you change your hunting habits during gun season ?If at all ?


P.S. Great responses so far Thanks

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