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PA - Second Wolf Contained By Owner in Adams County Case

Anyone catch this press release?

Information provided by a confidential informant helped Pennsylvania Game
Commission officials today locate the second of two animals that are suspected
of being either gray or timber wolves or wolf-hybrids, and the animal has been
contained by its owner. Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer (WCO)
Darren David is continuing with an investigation, and will not be releasing
further information until the investigation is complete.

According to WCO David's investigation, on Feb. 19, an individual shot one of
two animals believed to be wolves or wolf-hybrids after it displayed aggressive
actions. After killing the animal, the individual contacted the Game Commission
Southcentral Region Office and turned over the carcass to officers.

"We are going to have the carcass examined and tested to verify whether this is
a pure-bred wolf or some hybrid," David said. "However, given public concern
about the second animal's whereabouts, we wanted to let the public know that the
animal has been contained."

Further announcements will be made when the results of the tests and
investigation are finalized.

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