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PA - Hunters permitted to use crossbows for spring gobbler


With the scheduled printing of this Saturday's "PA Bulletin," Pennsylvania's
official registry of statutory and regulatory changes, spring gobbler hunters
can add crossbows to the list of legal sporting arms from which they may choose.

In January, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners gave final approval to
a regulatory change to permit the use of crossbows with bolts tipped with
broadheads of cutting-edge design during any turkey season. Previously, only
those disabled hunters with a permanent or temporary permit to use a crossbow
instead of a bow had this option. However, the process that the Game Commission
must follow requires that any regulatory change does not take effect until it is
published in the PA Bulletin.

Other legal sporting arms that spring gobbler hunters may choose to use are:
shotguns plugged to three-shell capacity in the chamber and magazine combined;
muzzleloading shotguns; and bows with arrows tipped with broadheads of
cutting-edge design. Shot size can be no larger than No. 4 lead, bismuth-tin
and tungsten-iron, or No. 2 steel. Rifle-shotgun combinations also may be used,
but no single-projectile ammunition may be used or carried.

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PA - Hunters permitted to use crossbows for spring gobbler

If I knew this before today I would have used my crossbow. Next year!

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