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outfitter tents

Need info on outfitter tents from experienced folks What is the differnce in brands? What is the most important thing before buying? thanks for any tips

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outfitter tents

Canvas wall tents are the only way to go. We got ours out of the cabelas catalog and we love em. Get the woodburning stove that goes inside and it'll one of the most comfortable experiences you'll ever have.

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outfitter tents

Canvas wall tents are great. The best setup I think is a 5' wall with a good sod cloth. The army duck canvas material is better than the straight 10.2 canvas, more durable and lighter in weight by size. I would not buy the poles with it if you are going into the woods where there is sufficent dead poles you can cut for the frame. Inside frames work well. A good plastic tarp on the tent will save you headaches and shed any snow or rain while also extending the life of the tent.

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outfitter tents

I bought a canvass wall tent from the Denver tent Co. back in 1983. I still use it and it's in good condition. Mine uses inside poles that I bought with it. If you pack in with horses don't get the poles. A 12' x 14' works fine for us. Be sure and take a plastic tarp that covers the entire roof and extends a foot or so out on each side. Also I have a Sims Stove that folds up fairly flat and puts out a lot of heat. Don't get a surplus army tent - they're heavy and dark inside even with good lanterns. A good walltent is a great and useful addition to any hunter's equipment list.

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outfitter tents

has anybody ever used the cabela's big horn 2 tent ??? looking for a new and bigger tent. thanks

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outfitter tents

We bought a tent from them this past year...I didnt take long with the flux. in temp. to figure out that you dont want to buy a tent with a floor...Causes the tent to sweat..causing the condensation to drip on you!!!...we sent it back and bought one without a floor....Works much better......

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outfitter tents

Also can try http://www.davistent.com Davis Tent and Awning company in Denver. Reasonable prices and seem like good people. Just bought my Wall tent and have only done set up and take down a couple times so I can't vouch for long term...but they seem to have good reputation and quality. Good luck.

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outfitter tents

Here is an idea, I do not know what the availability is in your area, but have you considered trying to rent one of them before buying. It is always a good idea to try something on a test run several times if possible so that you can decide for yourself what size works for you and what model or make. Just a thought.

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Check Craigslist for rentals

Good idea on renting.  I've seen a couple of ads on craigslist advertising renting the tent for the season.  Never rented one, but I agree, it might be a good way to see if you think it's worth the investment to buy one.

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Davis Wall tent would be my

Davis Wall tent would be my first choice.  I got a reall good deal on a Cabelas Alakanak tent a few years back and it is a great tent, just wish it was a bit bigger.  But were are looking to get another tent and Davis Tents is the only way I would go....unless I could find another killer deal on another Alakanak tent...just bigger.

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I think this is the oldest

I think this is the oldest thread brought back to life I've seen on here. The OP posted this back in 2003, not to sure he's still around.

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