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Our fight for our hunting rights

Over the years I have noticed that the anti's have slowly chipped away at our hunting rights. Not by being right, or by having the most power or support, but by dividing us into Bow Hunters or riffle hunters or black powder hunters or hound hunters or bird hunters and so fourth. So I offer these 2 ideas to all. Number one. Even if you do not partake in the perticular type or style of hunting, keep in mind that if the anti's get it on the ballot, no matter what it is, and you vote to restrict it, you are being party to the slow errosion of our hunting rights. And Number 2. Instead of waiting for the anti's to get another issue on the ballot that will make it illeagle to hunt with dogs, or restrict the muzzle loaders that are inline actions. Lets us get together in our states and come up with something that we can place on the ballot to get a right back and make the anti's spend thier money in deffence instead of in offence. Here is my suggestion. Mechanical braodheads. They are perfectly legal in many states, but in those that it is not legal to use them, we should get it on the ballot. Even if as bow hunters you may thing that it is just too much of an advantage. The idea is to get on the offence against the anti's instead of always scrambling to defend our rights.

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Our fight for our hunting rights

Welcome Turkmothy, you ought to check out the politics area, some of us kick around anti-hunting subjects there.

Getting bans repealed is a good idea and while I don't know much about the mechanical broadhead issue, there have been states that have been successful in getting hunts reinstated. Examples are NJ black bear season and Michigans dove hunting.

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