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Oryx hunts

Is anyone familar with the oryx hunts on the White Sands Missle Range? I would like to apply for a tag next year and did not know anything about the hunts, the chances of drawing or the hunting situation. Any information would be appreciated.

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Oryx hunts

Good afternoon sir,
I ahve hunted for about 11 years for oryx in NM, I have downed a total of 5 from on-range and off-range. I don't know what area you drew, Small MR, Rhodes canyon,Tularosa pass or any of the others but the heard on the Small range are about gone. Rhodes, Tularosa, Stallion springs are still very good. MAIN THING. After the de-briefing in the morning, every one takes off like idiots a hundred miles an hour while still dark and pass 90% of them on the side of the road. WAIT till just twilite and then start. There are still 40+ horns out there. Most of the big ones you will find all by their self. As far as the longer ones, it mostly be the cows. Smaller base, but a little longer. Hard to find the big bulls. If you are hunting off range, thats a differant story. Hard to get alot of info out of people due to their own private spots. If you need more info, PLZ contact me by E-mail
[email protected]

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