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Oregon Territory Legal (Oregon-Washington-Idaho) - Knight DISC

I am a lifelong Idaho resident, several years ago I made the switch from centerfire rifles to muzzleloaders.  I hunt totally with muzzleloaders these days.

I have always struggled a little bit with Idaho's ML rules, specifically the requirement that states 'cap ignition'.  Today it is very difficult to get an inline that qualifies for this restriction.  Normally I just use a Renegaded stocked - Green Mountain LRH barreled rifle.  But, this year I have discovered that my very accurate Knight DISC rifles which come with a 209 ignition system can be converted to shoot percussion caps.

For me this is an exciting chance to use a quality inline for the Idaho ML season.  Here is a picture of the bolt area with a portion of the Western Kit installed, I am using the original DISC bolt, which offers the required opening to meet the Oregon Territory, Idaho-Washington-Oregon, open breech, percussion cap requirements.

This is the Knight Western Kit available from Knight...


Take the scopes off - install the Western Kit and I am ready for the Idaho ML season.  I will shoot 90 grains of T7-3f, A Bull Shop .503/460 grain lead conical, with a .125x.510 shot card under the bullet...

I am really happy with the availablity of this kit and just thought I would share...Thumbs up


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