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Optima Elite?

Heya im new to the Board and its nice to see all the post's on CVA's. I have 2 of them (Wolf Mag, Trophy Whitetail Hunter III Flinter) and i love them. I have been looking online for the Optima Elite w / the .243 Barrel in a package. I have seen the 30.06 / .50 cal and the Shotgun / .50 cal but not the .243 cal.

If anyone has this model w/the centerfire barrels could you please post some comments. For those of you that have not seen it here is the link that shows what is offered.


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Optima Elite?

I own an optima elite with a 270 barrel and the 29 inch 50 cal barrel. I am liking the centerfire barrel better than the muzzleloading barrel so far. However I must say I have not put much time into the muzzleloader barreel because I love my H&R sidekick which shoots great. When spring gets here, I will gp work on the muzzleloader barrel more.

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Optima Elite?

I have a CVA Optima Pro 50 cal. blackpowder and like it very much. So I just went and picked up one of the Elites in 50cal/243 and you can drive nails with the 243.
But get a good scope for it and you will have a great gun.