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Opening Day, upper Rio Grande river

I took my blue heelers out for opening day on the Rio Grande. 


These days I do more big game hunting than birds but I was thinking this might be the last hunt for my older dog (the smaller white one).  She's had back surgery and has limited mobility.


It's just beautiful along the river.  The hunting wasn't very good.  I only had about 4 shot opportunities all morning.  Good thing I made good on 2 of them. 


Great area for my dog retrieves.  Shallow slow water with beaver ponds nearby.  It should be a better area for ducks.


If anyone hears of anyone else who hunted the San Luis Valley over the weekend I'd be interested to hear how they did.  Two years ago this same spot where I was (Rio Grande SWA) was a heck of a lot better.  Over the years I've hunted Monte Vista, Alamosa, Russell Lakes, Smith, and this place.  It seems like each time I return to one of them they are much worse than before.  I'm disappointed in what has happened to duck populations in the valley.  Back in the day, I can remember flights of 300 ducks coming into the big pond at Monte Vista (all with their wings set) and that used to happen multiple times during the day.

The old girl has as much fire for this as she ever did for retrieving ducks.  She lives for this stuff even though her hind legs are failing her now.  These days she actually swims better than she walks.


My boy had a good time too.  I wish I could have gotten him a couple more opportunities.

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Glad you got into some

Glad you got into some ducks.  heard alot of reports from the front range and the numbers were pretty bleek.  Love the pictures of your dogs doing what they love.  Again Congrats!

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Very nice.  Opening day is

Very nice.  Opening day is only a couple of weeks away here.  Any local hunting we want to do here is on city lakes, and it's by draw/reservation only.  If we want to have open hunting on public land, it's a 2 1/2 hour drive.

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I must say that's the first time I ever saw a blue heeler retrieving ducks but it's pretty cool.  Glad you could get her out one more time.  Out our way the ducks have been loaded up a ton for the last few months.  Our season opens Saturday so hopefully the woodies are still around.  Those things were everywhere last weekend and man are they good eating!  I've been seeing woodies, green wings, pintails and of course mallards in our area.  From what I hear we should have a solid season out our way.  The migrators are just starting to show up for the geese as well so their numbers have been picking up too.  I'm already spoiled having hunted resident birds all September so this wait is killing me!