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Opening day buck

Got my buck yesterday on opening day of the second rifle season here in Colorado. It was a great joint effort between my father and I. We started out the morning at another location that my dad was keen on and didn't even see a doe. Around 10am we headed to another area. The units we hunted this year were new to us, as we stepped away from our usual hunting area this year for something closer to town. Luckily with the proximity to town I was able to make several scouting trips over the last couple weeks. I had found one area where I had found lots of sign while not seeing any animals. I steered us over that way and after a little debating and overall review of surrounding areas convinced old pa' that we should walk up the draw on opposite ridges a little while. This was around 11am and I got a ways up there. Never saw anything but less than a day old poo and several tracks. I was heading back to the vehicle thinking the old man hadn't gotten as far as me. I get about 100  yds from it and boom, a shot goes off from the area my dad had walked up. I cruised back up there and found him only to find out he had gotten into several deer and had shot at a nice buck as it was running down the gully in the trees. He was looking for any blood, but was skeptical he made the shot.

We couldn't find anything, so our assumption was that the shot never hit its target. We were about to head back down but figured it would be worth it to spend some more time up there and see if we couldn't find some more deer. I made a large loop up high back to my dad to no avail. We headed back down the same gully where he had shot and got about a 1/4 mile before we stopped dead in our tracks to a big body standing in between the trees. We couldn't make out antlers as the deer's head was in the trees. Finally it turned around and we both realized it was a nice buck. It had it's rump to me, and my dad couldn't get a good view, though he thought it looked like the one he had shot at earlier. Finally it turned and I took the shot - it was over after that. We were hootin and hollerin in excitement when we got up to it. A big bodied deer with a nice rack. Suddenly I realize the thing has another bullet hole in it right through the ribs in the gut. Turns out it was the buck that my dad shot at. We were both grateful as could be that we stuck around and found it. The thought of an injured deer on the mountain is never a fun one. We are calling it a joint effort though I used my tag as I killed it. Its the biggest I have shot thus far and a fun hunt. The drag out sucked. It was only about 3/4 of a mile and was downhill the whole time, but man that thing was heavy! We'll be back out tomorrow and try to get my dad redeemed!

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Thats a awsome buck you guys

Thats a awsome buck you guys got!!!!!!!!!! Theres usually a fight when you have an extra bullet hole in the deer. Here in CA who ever draws first blood receives the kill. It sure is nice to recover that deer. Great job to you both!!! Congrats

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What an amazing ending to your hunt!  You must really be living right to have stumbled upon the same buck that your Dad thought he missed!  That deer couldn't have gone far with a shot "through the ribs in the gut" and it's a good thing he was still standing or you probably would have never seen it again.  What a rack!

Congratulations on a good ending to your hunt!!!

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Actually HOG, here in CA,

Actually HOG, here in CA, it's still "legally" the last person to shoot it.  It should be a gentlemen's agreement that it's the first person to hit it with a good shot, but legally, that is not the case.

That is a heck of a deer.  Congrats to you and your dad!!!

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Really nice deer there!

 Yes - where I hunt in Michigan, it's always been the person who hits the deer with a "mortal shot" that the deer belongs to. Why, the "first shot" could be in the leg, or just a flesh wound. Even though it draws blood, it wouldn't be considered a killing shot - and hardly worthy of being awarded to the person who hit it there.

  Glad you were able to put it down.


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Saw more monsters today

Appreciate the comments. My dad and I consider it both of ours, it was work on both our parts. The hunt for us is about the experience more than the harvest. This morning we got back out there and saw a total of 8 different bucks six of which were similar in size and 1 which was enormous (seriously biggest one I have seen in the wild). Unfortunately we never had a good shot, or my dad wasn't in the direct vicinity; and not wanting to repeat a possible wounding did not take any. We will probably go back out at the end of the season for another shot. The idea of going back to work now sucks!

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WOW!!  thats one fine looking

WOW!!  thats one fine looking buck, comgrats on your sucess, thanks for sharing your story. hopefully you guys will get back out there and fill your dads tag now. again congrats.

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On a fine! looking buck!

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Great buck. Thanks for the

Great buck. Thanks for the story. Thumbs up

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Very nice mule deer!  It's good to be persistent.

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That is a great looking

That is a great looking buck...congrats...wish I would have seen anytihng with hors I must have seen 3040 does...in the 6 days I hunted.

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