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 Moosewa Outpost is offering bear hunts for $500.00 PP due to cancellations. This includes your cabin, baited blinds, boat usage (many baits are located off the lake, help with retrieval and skinning of the bear. You just bring your food.

Check out www.moosewa.ca . We are a boat in or ATV in camp located 60 miles north of Massey Ontario. We are in a Provincial park and there are no other camps on our lake system. Complete solitude as if it were a fly-in camp, but without the cost.

These spots go for $850 ea with food usually, but due to late cancellations we are offering this great deal. Our baits are 100% active right now. Hunt dates Aug 15-the end of Sept.


Give me a call if you have questions. 906-360-6301 

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Do you ever take color phase

Do you ever take color phase bears in the area?

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