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I purchased a 44mag from a hunting buddy last year for $150. The gun was(is) in excellent condition. The gun is a 1974 Virginian Dragoon with a wood grip and a blued 6 1/2 in barrel. I recently took the gun to a local gun shop to have a scope mounted on it. The gun smith insisted that I not put a scope on it as it would lessen its value. The gunsmith did a little research and later told me that the gun was a collectors item and that only a few were ever produced. The guns retail was estimated to $500. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the gun and I was amazed at its value.

I have shot the gun using 250gr win platinum silver hollow points and this gun is loud and kicks like a bucking bronco. I plan on hunting deer with it (doe).

Since Im not getting a scope mounted I better get to the range

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The Old Dirty Harry

Congratulations on a nice fined. Dirty Harry would be proud of you. Thumbs up


Those Winchester Supreme Platinum Tipped HP's are an outstanding deer round, providing massive energy deposit through judicious expansion and excellent penetration due to its massive 250-gr. size.

This heavy duty bullet is based on the Ranger T design, with 6 sharp claws or talans that cut a serrated wound channel (rather than a smooth one) unlike traditional hollow-points. Its design has a notched reverse taper jacket, which means that the jacket is thicker at the top than it is on the bottom; just the opposite of most hunting bullets (rifle or handgun). This unique reverse taper feature enables the sharp talan-like claws to remain in tact during penetration and not peal off as traditional HP's do.

Good luck with your hunt and let us know how you do!


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The Old Dirty Harry

Congrats on a good find. Considering the collectors value, you may want to pick up a different 44 mag for hunting.

Leupold make bases for newer model S&W 629's that do not require any drilling/tapping in order to install a base/rings.

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