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Old Beaver Joke!
A 90 year old man is having his annual check-up.

The doctor asks him how he is doing.

"I've never been better!" he replies. "I have an 18 year old bride who is
pregnant with my child! What do you think about that?"

The doctor considers this for a moment and then says: "Well, let me tell
you a story:

I know a guy who is an avid hunter. He never misses a season. But one
day, he is in a bit of a hurry and he accidentally grabs his umbrella
instead of his gun. So, he walks in the woods near a creek and he spots a
beaver in some brush in front of him. He raises up his umbrella, points
it at the beaver and squeezes the handle. *BAM-BAM*, the beaver drops dead
in front of him.

"That's impossible!", says the old man in disbelief.

"Someone else must have pumped a couple shots in that beaver!"


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Like it!!

Like it!!

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(No subject)


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Haha good one

Haha good one

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