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Oklahoma Deer Hunting

Anyone out there planning to hunt deer in Oklahoma this season? My hunting partner of the last 15 years has deserted me, so I'm looking to possibly hook up with someone, or a group this year. Though I have places to hunt, I'd sure like to hear about any leases that might still be available this season. Even if you aren't looking for someone to hunt with, how about sharing some of your plans for the season?
Personally, I will likely hunt Candy Creek again this year before it's sold back to local landowners. I find there are more deer there than hunters, it's close to Tulsa, and has easy access from both the N and S sides.
I may make a trip out to the Salt Plains for one of their tasty grain-fed deer, depending on what the landowner I know decides to do with his leases this year.

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hunting partner

looking for deer hunting partner to hunt public land 2012

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