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Ohio hunter shoots bear in self defense

Some interesting things in this article.  One, I did not know bears were protected in Ohio.  Two, heck of an opening day, with almost 38,000 bucks killed.  Third thing, is the injury section at the bottom.  One guy shot himself in the foot, and a 13 year old shot his father.  Gotta be careful out there guys!

 Edit:  Just noticed one other thing,  that last year they killed 261,000 deer????? Geez, that's twice Vermont's entire deer herd... lol


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Another interesting thing

Another interesting thing about this situation: the article said that the bear was shot once in the head at close range. Now, I don't know a whole lot about bears, except that I doubt that the hunter sneaked up on it and then shot it in the head. If the bear was shot at close range, it's a pretty good guess that it was coming after the hunter, not the other way around. Yes

The fact that the Ohio wildlife people apparently couldn't drag the bear by hand but had to get motorized help means that the hunter didn't drag it out of a den, either.

Those facts probably contributed to the dismissal of charges against him a few weeks later.

For the resolution of this story see  http://www.indeonline.com/crime/x1651496704/Massillon-man-who-shot-black...


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i grew up not far from there.

i grew up not far from there. in carrol county, probably not 45 minutes from where that bear was killed. we used to hunt that whole area. i saw a few small bears, but few and far between.

most people don't realize how challenging ohio terraine can be. steep rolling hills covered in timber and brush. it's hard hiking and hard hunting.

i miss some of my family, but the reason i left is because 1 the economy, and 2 the hunting is all deer and turkey, and i need some real adventure.

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