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Ohio Deer Hunting Questions

Hello Ohio Deer Hunters,

I'm from East TN and I'm looking to make a trip this summer to Ohio. I'm really frustrated with deer hunting in TN and especially with TN's DNR efforts. From my location (20 min. outside of Knoxville), it would be about the same drive to SE Ohio as it is to West TN(West TN holds larger deer populations than does the East). My trip will be focused in the SE part of Ohio because of the drive and after doing some research, the higher deer kills seem to be concentrated there.

I will be randomly knocking on doors trying to obtain permission to hunt land.

My questions are: (Please answer as many as possible)

1)What should I expect as a reaction from most people? I know every person is different. I also know that I have a southern accent and I haven't traveled north of the Mason Dixon Line except once.

2)Do I stand a good chance of getting anyone to let me hunt?

3)Any considerations that I should keep in mind?

4)I'm coming to Ohio to hunt big bucks. What counties in the SE or Eastern Central part of the state are known for holding big bucks?

5)Where would you begin

6)Any other suggestions welcome, except "don't come" HA HA HA


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Ohio Deer Hunting Questions

Ohio does have limited draw hunting on public land.

You may want to get in contact with the DNR to learn more about these hunts.

Good Luck!

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Ohio Deer Hunting Questions

forget permission to hunt private property, that was a long ago thing, with farmers, now a days, your dealing with a .com yuppie, who bought a lot of land for status , they never give permission.

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Ohio Deer Hunting Questions

Be honest and up front with the land owners. I've gone around in different areas asking for permission in the past and was turned away more times than not. But, you just might run up with a land owner that will give you permission. Check on the hunts in Ohio before you go looking for your hunting spot. Good Luck!

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Ohio Deer Hunting Questions

ohio is great to hunt im tracking a big 13 ive seen 4 times on my cousins property out in clermont county. hillsboro is known for producing monster bucks and also springboro. really anywhere in ohio away from the residential rich snobs your gonna have a great chance of seeing a nice buck. ive quit asking permission because people turn you down i just have buds drop me off and i slip in to the woods call em when im done or as soon as i bag one. people dont give permission these days due to liability issues. so i just slip in they aint gonna catch me i wear scentblockers new 3d leafy camo i lay down flat and i look like a leaf pile. i figure im in camo anyways i slip in where they cant see me and i dont gun hunt on land with out permission ill bow hunt the hell out of it though.

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Ohio Deer Hunting Questions

1) Not too good, I own property in Marietta and too many yuppie and 'urban rednecks' have messed up so much property or let wounded and killed deer go we won't let family hunt just about.
2) No.
3) Don't push it. No pretty much means 'Leave me the hell alone and leave'. If you are pleasant enough to the first two you ask the next one may let you, and if you are respectful to them you may get another chance with the first two in later years. Word gets around especially when it's an outsider being respectful and considerate, you don't see that anymore.
4)To me everywhere is a gamble. It's environment not locale. Two hundred acres of cornfield may have smaller bucks than a new developed area but what about next year? Where the bucks go is of concern not where they were taken. My philosophy.
5) Start in a Diner or a gun Shop or even in a check-station. The people there can better direct you. You can hear alot more over a cup of coffee than through a slammed door.
6) I have one guy that I will let hunt any time he wishes. The first thing he said to me was he was looking to hunt for two days and he would give me one days honest work. I thought that was something. Three days vacation for hunting and he's gonna use one for helping me. Now I know him well enough to let him hunt whenever and when I get there I am not surprised to see two rabbit in the outside fridge and a repaired fence rail.