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NY/PA/OH Hunters, Win a $500 Cabela's Gift Certificate!

Hello all hunters and huntresses,

We are proud to announce the availability of a new radio show devoted to hunting and fishing, entitled Grissly Gary's Goin' Fishin' & Huntin'! You may visit our website at the following link, and enter to win a $500 Cabela's gift certificate, as well as several second and third place prizes!

Visit our website and click the yellow icon on the main page for rules and regulations. All you must do is register for our forums and make one post!

Grissly Gary's Goin' Fishin' & Huntin' show's an exciting format interviewing outdoors writers, hunters, fishermen, bigwigs in the industry, small business owners, and ordinary hunters and huntresses like you and I. There are many archived shows on the website to listen to, to get a feel for the format.

The show airs Saturday mornings at 9 on Jamestown, NY's 101.9FM and Wednesday afternoons at 7 on Jamestown, NY's 1340AM. If there is enough support for it we will look into simulcasting it!

The host, Grissly Gary, lives in Warren and hunts and fishes throughout the region. He was the winner of The Outdoor Channel's Win Your Own Fishing Show for 2003 and brought the views of the scenic Kinzua Dam and the Allegheny Resevoir to the nation.

If you live outside the listening audience, or wish to hear a preview of the show, you may check it out and listen to some of the radio shows (accessed by clicking the "Radio" link and clicking "Archived Shows", or click here: ) Let us know about any ideas you may have!


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