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NY State Deer Hunting - Chenango County

Good day fellow hunters -

I am new to the site, and think it looks terrific.

I am looking to gain some information on the deer hunting available in NY State, Chenango county, McDonough area to be specific. I regularly hunt NJ and PA, this year I will add NY to that list. I have access to some private land, which borders state land, and was wondering what I should expect.

Overall, how is the deer hunting in the area? Are there a lot of deer? Are there a lot of hunters? Where can you rent a room? As of now I have a room at the Howard Johnsons in Norwich booked, but was looking for more of a "camp" atmosphere.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.[/b]

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NY State Deer Hunting - Chenango County

Welcome to the site I don't know about that area but I hunt east of Norwich in the town of Gilboa. I do see lots of deer and a few nice bucks too, I hunt mostly Privet land and do not see a lot of hunters. Sorry about not being able to help much. Good luck hunting and be safe!

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