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NY coyotes

Lately I have been seeing a lot more coyotes in Northern NY. This year I have saw four different coyotes at the same stand. And while driving I have seen quite a few in meadows and along the edges. Is anyone else seeing this? 

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I have not personally been

I have not personally been back to hunt up there in a couple of years, but I know that just across the lake in Vermont, where my father hunts, they have been seeing a decent number of coyotes.  I think it's a combination of alot of things really.

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No, we've seen just the

No, we've seen just the opposite in Franklin County, NY. When my father was a boy in the 30's coyotes were really coming in strong, every night you'd hear them running on the tracks through bloomingdale swamp he said, and he and his brothers, my uncles, lost many a deer dog to them.

when I was growing up we were losing beagles in terrible numbers, and that didn't change until we started running hounds on the coyotes.

These days no one has a coyote pack in the lake country or high peaks, there aren't enough coyotes to justify having the dogs.

Very few days go by back home that anyone cuts a coyote track running bunnies anymore, in fact I can think of only one spot maybe two tops that I can take you to show you a coyote track at all.

Where are you that you're seeing so many coyotes?

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Do you know the reason for

Do you know the reason for the decline of coyotes in your area?

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it's a cycle

Population is cyclical.  About every 4 years we see have a lot of rabbits.  The next year we have foxes and coyotes, but few rabbits.  By the 3rd year, the coyotes are mostly gone but teh rabbit population has rebounded and then it repeats.

I took my only NY coyote in 2007 (see below).  Now we have rabbits....

I had a wonderfully busy long Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2007.  Thanksgiving morning I walked past the gut pile from Gene’s deer just to see if anything had been into it.  It was nearly gone!  I continued to work my way down the stone wall and then uphill near the slope to the 2nd spring field when I heard  stick break from the direction of the spring.  I worked my way in that direction until I saw the first coyote that I have ever seen in the woods at home coming over the ledge and crossing the stream toward me (and the remains of the gut pile).  I pulled up on her just as she crossed behind a pine tree.  She was stepping along pretty quickly and I was afraid that she’d get out of sight before I could get a better shot at her, so when she stepped clear of the pine I put my last loaded 300 grain Swift A-frame from my faithful 375 H&H through both lungs at 60 yards.  It spun her 180 degrees and put her down. 


At some point in the past the coyote had a broken leg as the lowest joint of the left front leg no longer bent, but she seemed to be getting along pretty well on it when I saw her.

photo attached

Coyote1.JPG1.06 MB
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coyotes have been dropping

coyotes have been dropping here as the habitat changes and climax forest appears. Its not a loss I am awfully worried about.

4 year cycle?  that's about the shortest cycle ever heard of  ever.

you should call some biologists, they'd want to write papers on that.

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