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NS Deer numbers

Without asking you for your hot spot... lol
Just wondering about your thoughts on the deer population out there, I am seeing small pockets here and there via the scouting route I hear that in and around 2000/2001 timeframe, winters here took their tole on our deer ...prob take a few years for their numbers to claw back ...Any comments on the Chignecto area for the Bow hunters out there MNR in Waverly told me it was a hot spot ..........oops ..
Trying to drum up conversation also...

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NS Deer numbers

The latest numbers that I was able to find estimated the 2004 deer population at about 45000 deer which makes this sport a real challenge in this province. I have also heard that certain areas in Waverly have healthy deer populations. I have not hunted there before but the deer may be in the developed (residential) areas and as such are safe from hunting. The deer pop. has dropped steady since 2000 mostly because of harsh winters.

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