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NOt the way to start the day

Headed up to store this morning to work on the apartments and front door is busted open. Oh boy, here we go. Look inside and glass is broke out of next door also. Shit! Call the cops. We go in, file cabinet drawers gone through, storage cabinets gone through. Cash box? Still here. Money in it? Still there also! Uh oh, camera case tore apart, camera still here! What the heck. Store inventory looks to here also. What the heck? Think

Ok guy goes through everything and I mean everything. But takes nothing? What kind of thief we dealing with here.

Cop checks down the street, 3 more places broke into. Owners all show up, no one seems to have anything missing. Cop finds one more place broke into, US Post Office, federal now.

At our place guy even takes keys and goes into beauty shop we have in lower level, nothing missing there either. And even returns the key!

Get to looking at our store computers, he has been on them surfing the web! Oh boy!

Cop informs us that they have a suspect and is headed to his house. Cop shows back up to check records of hits on computer to see what he was looking at. Wants to see if it corresponds with what suspect says he was doing, by the way guy admits to breaking in. Computer history corresponds to what he says he was searching.

Any how, long story short, $500-$700 in glass, labor and thats it.

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NOt the way to start the day

That's pretty weird. Good news though. I made some strange excursions across the line of law and order in my youth but nothing like that.

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