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Not a single post in two years?

Ok, allow me to start some controversy... Blacktail deer, admittedly with smaller racks, after being prepared hit your plate with TEN times better flavor than Mulie's or Whitetails.  NOT ONCE have I dined on Mulie or Whitetail that compared to a Blacktail in flavor.  NOT saying I don't thoroughly enjoy a Mulie meal, or a Whitetail meal.. just saying... Blacktails rule.  

I expect some rebuttal here.

And while I know of a few ways to preserve that flavor, or prepare frozen venison, NOTHING compares to filleting a few steaks after an overnight 'hang' and having it for breakfast, while still on the hunt.  


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 I've eaten white tail but it

 I've eaten white tail but it was years ago. eaten a lot of Blacktail and lot of Mule deer. I think taste depends a lot on where you shoot them. Mule deer off alfalfa fields are great. The Blacktail doesn't spend much time in sage brush, think they have better food. Come to think of it, many years ago I was visiting an Aunt and Uncle in Mich. She made Whitetail for dinner that was out of this world. My first wife was the best cook I've ever known and she made both Mule deer and Blacktail that was super! One thing I did find out about eating game meat is that most people really over cook it.

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I hunt the heck out of anything legal to shoot. My wife and I each take a buck each year.We live in SW Oregon. Land is forest / grazing. I hunt on private, but 60% of county is owned by USFS or BLM.Never had a bad deer, bear, elk or lion. We kill it, we eat it.

 Attached is last year's buck with my dog, Josey Wales. He likes deer!

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