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nosler accubond bullets

I'm going on a moose hunt in Sept.
I've always used Nosler 200 grain partitions in the past. Nosler tells me their Accubonds are as good or better than the Partition. An article in American Hunter said the Accubond 200 grain only retained a little over half their wheight shooting into a medium. has anyone used the accubond on elk or moose and how did they work out for you.

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nosler accubond bullets

I tested the AccuBond in my Sendero .270 Win. Accuracy was outstanding, better than the Nosler Partition and maybe a bit better than the Ballistic Tip. Muzzle: 3050 fps, 50 fps higher than the BT. I am a one-rifle-man and was looking for an allround bullet. I think this one will do. Retained weight in wet paper was about 60%. Accuracy in my rifle was (10shot group) 0.77 MOA, 9shot 0.58 MOA. A lot better than the Scirocco, (2.32 MOA). You can hunt moose with this bullet, no problem, do know the anatomy of the animal!

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