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Northwest Nebraska Deer ?

Hello- I live in SW South Dakota and do quite a bit of camping in NW NE. I hunt most of the deer season in the Buffalo Grasslands along the NW NE border, and have done pretty well. Just wanting to know how difficult it would be to get a tag to hunt Mule/Whitetail deer in Oglala NG (Pine Ridge Unit).
Thanks, Joe

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NW Nebraska mule deer tags

I sent in by mail for a tag for the Pine Ridge area and not only recieved an any sex tag, but also got a bonus antlerless tag too. You can also buy them online. tags are good for mulies or whitetail. quite a bargain! check out the NE site at http://www.ngpc.state.ne.us/

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Northwest Nebraska Deer ?

Still plenty of left over tags for the area mentioned. There have been numerous wild fires in this area of the state at this time. So you may want to check out areas prior to see if the area you selected is a burn area.

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Northwest Nebraska Deer ?

Lots of tags left. Good areas that are overlooked are theybadlands and ridges near Roudtop. Lots of National Grassland that is forested with good topography. People who don't know the area naturally assume that the grasslands are just that, not another pine covered escarpmetn. A couple of the landowners out there hunt so heavily, that the deer are actually pushed onto the public land! Decent deer too. We average over 84% of bucks are 2+ years old.

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Northwest Nebraska Deer ?

I agree, lot's of tags left and great hunting in the pine ridge area. Hit this link for the info you are looking for.