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Northern Illinois Report

My buddy called from Peoria today... he sat daylight til dark yesterday and saw 13 different bucks.

He was going to just sit til noon and brought nothing to drink and just a food bar... and ended up sitting til dark.

They ranged from small bucks to a pair of 150's that chased a doe through, a 140" ten pointer at ten yards, a 125" eight pointer well within bow range and other assorted smaller ones.

He feels the rut has not kicked in 100% yet - he checks with the local processor and he says he is way off on getting the big bucks in.

My buddy is holding out for a 160 he has on trail cam...

Oh, the luck of some folks!!

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Well, what's 10 inches when

Well, what's 10 inches when it comes to a nice buck?  150 class or 160 class?  We should all be so lucky.... lol

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