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North American Game Animals

I have to agree with Silentscope and the Captain The great whitetail deer. Now a big ol buck is great but, not as hard to sneak up on as an old doe.

One time I was able to sneak within 20 yards of a group of three that were in an open field then I had to move into the edge of the woods and go around a brair patch, When I came back out to the edge of the field they were about 10 yds and as I stepped out to get my shot they busted me and ran off.

I loved hunting out in Colorado and would love to get the chance to mulies.

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North American Game Animals

Mine would Elk, my friends think I'm crazy becuase most of the time I am a meat hunter, But when it comes to elk I have this problem I wont shoot it I don't fell I have deserved the animal. I have this wiered respect for elk that if I haven't work for it I will let it walk.

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North American Game Animals

I have a heart pounding time with many big game animals here in Alberta. I have rattled in both Whitetail bucks and does and had them stop right next to me in touching distance as I'm crouched sitting on the ground in full camo. I would hope they couldn't hear my heart pound almost out of my chest or smell me or I would get a face full of hooves. I've had a small Black Bear about 250lbs try to run full out as quiet as possible to attack me. It all happend in about 4 seconds, I heard a snap then I fired as soon as I saw him which was 15 feet away, it was a pefect head shot (not bragging) Wink . Once I regained use of my jello like leggs I went home to change my undies. My favorite is hunting Bull Moose in the rut. You can call many moose in at once with a cow call you make with your own lungs and voice. When you have them coming in and the wind is in your favor that gun of yours better be loaded and off safety. Those Bulls will be coming in on a straight line and snapping trees 6 inches in diameter to what they think is a cow in heat. They are already enraged with themselves looking for a cow, so when they see you instead you better be a good shot. The adrenaline will last you until next season.