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is this normal?

how can I get my bear to come back to the bait? The first feeding I used corn and sugar ,table scraps,and a frozen chicken. He tore up every thing and trid to get the chicken (I tied it 6' from the ground,he was just able to reach the bottem but couldnt get it all.) re baited with fryer grease,corn , and donuts.Then iI came back a couple of days later and nothing was touched except for a couple of deer tracks.I have a trail camera set on the bait I have two pictures of the bear. One in and one out. Once at 10:30 pm and at 4:45 am. Can't tell if it is the same bear both times.I bring in bait at the same time, the same way.
Now here"s the clincher when I go in the trail in is "clean" and on the way out it has fresh crap on it !Full of berries I might add. what are "normal noises" for a bear?Cabin is about 1/2 mile from bait.

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is this normal?

We have a similar problem at a couple of our baits. It seems in our experience that the baits are not hit as much or at all around the full moon. They should start hitting them again in a few days.