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Non-residents going to CO for an Elk hunt

Me and my brothers have been wanting to go to CO on a bull elk hunt. We drew for a tag and didn't get one. Then someone told me that you didn't have to draw for a tag. Is there any truth to this? If ya would let me know what we need to do.
Also what are some good units to try to hunt? thanks for the help

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Non-residents going to CO for an Elk hunt

I think some of the units are sold over the counter but a lot of them you need to get into the lottery and draw one. Some of the Co residents from the forum would know more about it.

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Non-residents going to CO for an Elk hunt

Check out the CO dept of wildlife website. Some units are limited draw and some are over the counter. We went Oct '04 and didn't draw mulie tags but we bought OTC elk tags for the same area we had planned to hunt.

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Non-residents going to CO for an Elk hunt

Hey Okie,
CO has basically two types of hunting opportunities. The first is unlimited over the counter bull elk licenses. You can just show up at a sporting goods store in CO and buy the license. There is a significant amount of competition (lots of hunters) in those seasons.
The second type is limited hunting. A few areas around the state are set aside for quality hunting opportunity. Very few hunters which allows the animals to live longer than 2.5 years and grow large antlers. Now for the bad news, those licenses are taking from 7-15 years to obtain. It will be a while before you draw one of those tags.
Do you have any idea of where you want to hunt? Let me know and I can tell you if those units are limited. If they are not limited you can drive out and buy a tag.
This is the simple condensed version but it may give you a start down the right track.
Maybe you can get the nfo you need from the big game brochure.

I'm heading to camp Friday so I may not get back to you right away.

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Non-residents going to CO for an Elk hunt

Peanut is right, but forgot one small detail. After the draw is completed, the leftovers go on sale (from the drawing itself). Now if you have any smarts, you can play the preference point game by submitting for a point as a first choice and then apply in a limited draw unit that is undersubscribed, meaning that there are more elk licenses than hunters applying for them. Undersubscribed units doesn't neccessarily mean that there aren't any elk running around in them. You'll still be in a limited draw unit and not a whole bunch of competition from the other hunters.

You can also put in for a private land tag which is usually for cow elk only if you know of a landowner. There are (or at least there has been) depredation tags for cow elk during the later months when the regular hunting seasons are over. If you're looking just to fill a freezer with a raghorn bull or a cow, the White River area of NW Colorado is hard to beat. Lots of hunters, but also the largest elk herd anywhere. This area encompasses alot of units, but there are alot of animals running around up there. By the late season, a good number of the animals have migrated down onto the private.

If you're looking at just a cow for the freezer, the late hunts in December in extreme NW Colorado are a kick in the butt and are usually successful.
Best of Luck......

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