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non res to Ne, Ks, &Sd

Is there any way a non res can deer hunt in Kansas, South Dakota, Or Neb. yet this year? Sure would like to, please help

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non res to Ne, Ks, &Sd

Well i dont know about the other states but in Nebraska u can buy your black powder tag anythime but its to late for any of the other seasons there. This is the way it was when i lived in Nebraska it may have changed.

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non res to Ne, Ks, &Sd

South Dakota: I believe it is all by application which is over. However you can contact the GFP at the link below to verify.


Kansas: OTC tags for whitetail antlerless only game tags (point 17 on the KDWP site) are available.


Nebraska: Permits are still available listed at the link below; however you will need to contact the GPC to verify which if any are available for non-residents.


Post back if something works out.

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