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Non-res goat tags

I live in Washington state. We have a decent Mt. Goat population and by looking at record books...good genetics as well. Like any other special draw hunt here in WA the odds aren't great (and I know theyre not anywhere).

I feel like I should be accumulating points somewhere else as well since if I ever get drawn in WA it's a one and done deal.

What other states would be worth looking into? And what kind of odds does a non-res have of ever pulling one?

Montana? Wyoming? Colorado? Idaho?

Please help since I'll never get drawn I won't lessen your chances at drawing your hunt anyway.

Thanks for the help

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I'd apply for all of the

I'd apply for all of the states you mentioned. The draw odds are low but you might draw one someday. You can always go to BC on a guided hunt.

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I agree with Hiker.  If you

I agree with Hiker.  If you really want to go on a goat hunt head up to BC and forget about all of the draws in the lower states.  By the time you pay the non resident tag fees and try and do some scouting you could of paid a guide.  Just about all of the lower state hunts are really set up for the residents of the states unless you have unlimited time to scout and hunt and don't mind waiting for 15+ years.  Not that the resident hunters don't wait that long but it is your choice.

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i'm accruing points in utah

i'm accruing points in utah for a goat hunt. it will take a long time. i accept this now.

one thing that i like about utah, and quite possibly the reason i will continue applying and hunting there is the ease of their draw, and the cheap price of aplication. at $10 a species, it can't really be beat. you have to have a non-res hunting licence before hand, but if you swing it right, you can apply in 2 different years with that. so for 3 species, it costs me $95 a year to apply for desert sheep, goat and muleys.

i think the goats are limmited in their range in utah. which is probably a huge plus for the hunter. we should always be able to find the animals. this beats places like washington which probably has tons of goat habitat.

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I applied for goats in Utah

I applied for goats in Utah for the first time this year also, how long have you been putting inso far and how long do you expect to have to wait? It took me nearly 16 years to draw my first tag in Colorado and I'm well past that now for sheep and moose.

I use the combo license in Utah anyway so I'm really not out that part as I would still have to buy one even if I didn't apply for anything else. I only did antelope, deer, goats and bison by the way.

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this was my first year

this was my first year applying for goats in utah as well.

i've been considering putting in for moose, but i'm not sure i want one that bad. (not when it only costs $500 to kill one in alaska)

i expect based upon the info Utah puts out that it could take as long as 30 years to get the tag for goats, but my chances for drawing are significant after about 15 years. at todays rate's it's costing me about $120 for two years of apps, so i'll have $800 in applications between desert sheep and the goats. hopefully though, it will only be about 10 years and i'll stop putting in for preference points only and try to draw the tag. within 15 years, i'd like to draw one of them. either one would put a grin on my face!

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