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No "Fall" Turkey Season in SC

We often have folks here in SC that ask about a fall tiurkey season and I just now stumbled on to this excellent article.

I am opposed to a fall turkey season and am even more so after reading this article!

Leaving the season alone gives us one solidified season to look forward to in the spring and leaves deer hunting as it is now....

Thought this might be of some interest to you turkey buffs out there...




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I like the fall season

Here in New York we have a spring turkey season during which only bearded birds (gobblers and jakes) are legal game.  Hens are off limits since it is the nesting season and that causes no end of frustration as hens parade by and bust us warning the jakes and gobblers away.

In the fall, any two turkeys are legal game.  I much prefer the fall season because it makes turkey hunting ever so much more easy.  This is especially nice for young turkey hunters who struck out in teh spring.  If its a turkey and its in range - go ahead and take the shot.  There is no need to look for beards or let hens walk through your decoys at twelve yards and torture you!  Just take them.

The hens are as good eating as the jakes and toms, and our bird flock populations are healthy so I don't see any reason not to take hens when they are legal.  If your turkey population can support a fall season, I would say go for it - bag yourslef a couple of hens or take a second try at any jakes and gobblers that eluded you in teh spring and enjoy twice the turkey hunting that you used to have!

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down here in San Diego we had

down here in San Diego we had turkeys "planted" in the early 90's...we were the only county in CA without a fall turkey season and saw our population explode!  Now, we have a fall season which allows the taking of 1 bird, either sex (the spring season is 3 bearded birds), I'm not really a fan of the fall hunt, I like the fun of calling in strutting birds in the spring, a lot of fun!



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