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Well, another year in, and nothing out. I have ten points built up for my cow tag, and have yet to get drawn. Oh how I hate this "new and improved" weighted drawing for special cow/doe tags. Think back not too many years ago, you had a one in five chance of being drawn, and you wouldn't apply each year, cause, someone at camp would get a cow tag now and then, no big deal.

Now, we are all getting worried about keeping up with the "Jones's". If you fail to apply for any given year, a gazillion guys around the state will be ahead of you in line now...you have lost your place. I never used to worry. Now is a different time. We do not want to be so far back in line, that we will never get drawn for a special hunt. Heck, wildlife has figured this out so well that they have even devised a method for you to apply and gain a point, even if you do not intend to hunt for that given year. What an incredible crock of schlittt! Buy a chance at nothing.

I liked the good ol' days of years past. No urgency about it. How about you? How many points do you have built up? Let me know...

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Sorry you didn't get drawn . What unite are you hunting ? I got drawn this year and hunt Muzzleloader (flintlock) .
I know of one guy that has been drawn 3 times in the last 12 yrs. . And he did Not have any points built up at all for any of them . I still think that it is the luck of the draw . I have a sister-in-law that gets drawn a lot also . Depends on what area and what season your hunting I think . But thats my 2 cents worth .

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Wow, that's tough. Are you hunting the West side? If not I would be using them points for a bull tag rather than a cow tag.

Better luck next year.

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The problem is not the point system, but the amount of hunt choices we are allowed to make.

How many times have you seen some one drawn for their third or fourth choice hunt? How many times is some ones last choice your first or only choice?

My elk unit used to only have 90 people apply for 5 permits back when you could only apply for one unit and had to forfit the first few days if you weren't drawn. Then came the 4 hunt choices and over night over 400 people were applying for the same 5 permits.

I would like to see the point system stay and the hunt choices go down to two.

Just my .02

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