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NM Mule Deer (NM Unit 30) Lion Kill in Co

Where are all the bow hunters!?? There are no recent posts with updates regarding bow season! Must be more bad news coming from hunters in Southwestern New Mexico. Perhaps the lions rule the praries?

Posts would be very nice to see before rifle season. My kiddos want a muley!

Check this out! Lion kill in Co.




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I have seen that video

I have seen that video before. It is incredable. It is a shame that the people that got blessed with this opportunity do not appreciate it enough. Atleast they did not follow through with the girls suggestion of saving the deer. That's a great idea lady. You go do that. They have no idea how many people would love to see that. I can not really figure out why they are laughing either. Awesome video though. The strength that even a cat of that size is amazing.

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