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Nice glove!

With my anual posts on a reminder to check those carbon arrows regulary.  I received a PM on another forum with a great little product that may help  protect our hands from archery related injuries.  Check it out.


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yeah, kevlar!

that's a pretty swwet idea.

i'm not sure who it was, but somebody had an avatar of a guy with part of an arrow through his hand. i'd bet he owns one of those gloves now. heck, that guy is probably the one who invented them!

i've seen a few accidents happen when an arrow falls off the rest, but it usually resulted in errant arrows and a slighlty frictioned burned wrist. the thought of getting a sliver of carbon and fiberglass in my hand like that makes me cringe.

i personally like the feature of the "torque" reducing grip.

it's a good idea if you shoot 3-d tournemnets for sure!

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