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NH white tail hunting

Im going to new hampshire this weekend for a white tail hunt in the area of wolfboro. Can any one offer me advice on what they eat, what king of mast trees there are, bedding areas, anything. Iv never hunted in NH before so just about any info would be great.

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hunting new hampshire is tough stuff, my advice, get in the woods early head up high, find a south facing ridge, and sit and hope that a buck decides to bed with in a 100yrds of your spot and you get a shot at him coming back for a morning nap, and in the afternoon head down low at the edge of any good field or swamp for that matter they come down low for the feeding at night. theres only 1 problem with that area ,wolfboro has like 1 deer per mile so you might need a couple of months to get to see one never mine shoot one good luck.. beef

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NH white tail hunting

New to New Hampshire. i am looking for an established hunting club similar to what i had in NY. I belonged to a 2500 acre private club in NY. Do you have these in this state?