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NH Moose Lottery WINNER! J1 areas to scout?

Ok, so I'm one of the 485 luckiest folks in and around NH. I won this year!!! First time entering, first time winner!!! Very happy if you can't tell...

Now the "hard" part. I live in WMU M, but got WMU J1 (better than M, but further, and unfamiliar). This area is NE of "The lake" and S of Conway.

I need help in beginning my scouting. Areas, tips, hints, would all be appreciated. I'm planning a drive up there in the next week or two, and I figured I'd start with the police stations and the F&G officer in the area. I'm mostly concerned with the following:

1) Safety, (don't want to hunt in any areas that a .30-06 would be an issue)
2) Access... I'm inherently lazy , and don't want to walk too far in, or have to haul too far out.

Thanks in advance!
(posted in the moose forum to, but you never can get enough advice, or money!)