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NH deer hunting land info

I am looking for some friendly advice on some good deer hunting land in NH. Looking for land in the Central to Southern part of the state. I was thinking anywhere off of RT 89 north of Concord. Open to anything.

I am not asking anyone to give away their hunting spots-land secrets. I am just looking for some general ideas on where to go in NH. I have been on the NH Fish and Game website and I know there is a ton of public land that allows hunting. I am looking for more specific information. Public land or if anyone knows of anyone that knows of any private land that would be available would be even better. Though, public land is fine.

I called NH fish and game and they pretty much acted if they did not want to talk to me. When you call they just say refer to the website. Well I have been on every inch of the website and still have questions. I am a little disappointed on the lack of service I received.

I have hunted in VT and MA and for the most part have hunted on private land. I did some NH turkey hunting this year on some private land but they do not have a lot of deer on the property. So I am hoping to do some deer hunting in NH. I really enjoyed my NH hunt this year and would love to find more land to explore. I guess I would love to hear from any fellow outdoorsmen that have any specific information they would be willing to share. If you don’t want to respond to the whole forum feel free to send me a private message.

Thank you in advance

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NH deer hunting land info

A great place to hunt is in Caroll County area, this is where I hunt and is full of big game.

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