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Newfoundland Moose

I have signed up for a season opener moose hunt, my first to "the Rock.". I would appreciate any thoughts or opinions anyone might like to pass on, particularly any advice on the ferry, customs, or other potential trouble spots.
thanks? Is it still buggy up that way in early September? THANKS!

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Newfoundland Moose


The above is the Canadian Firearmss Registry link for you information.

I would suggest you plan to depart North Sydney for Nfld a day earlier, just in case of bad weather. Make and confirm your reservations,
I can't forsee you having any problems. It gets pretty frosty in Newfoundland in September so insects should not be any problem.

Enjoy the trip.

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Newfoundland Moose

hey fishdog--who you hunting with? are you hunting the first week of rifle or you hunting the archery season?

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moose hunt

first of all i appreciate of your first moose hunt success enjoy your success. Big smile

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my advice

My advice is to hunt hard! Be in the field before daylight and stay out until you bag a moose or it is too dark to see every day!