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New...but only one time hunter.

So guys...I'm an avid animal lover and up until about a month ago, swore to god that I would never strike down an innocent animal on purpose. But now I'm thinking how exciting it would be to actually HUNT. So I'm gonna be visiting the Augusta Georgia area within the next 4-5 months. I don't know when exactly. I don't want to shoot anything cute and fluffy, so I'm thinking I want to shoot a bear and a deer. Only one of each (unless I really enjoy the experience). I need to know everything. I need to know if I can hunt and effectively and painlessly (as possible) kill a bear or deer with my 1934 Mosin Nagant (762 X 54r)...or if I must invest in something a little more built to suit. I'm not looking to spend large amounts of money since I'll probably feel terrible (but have a happy tummy) for killing these animals and never want to do it again.

So besides the gun issue, I want to know where a good place to hunt is...where I can get a permit...where I can get my innocent dead animal butchered...and how much meat (and fur) I can expect to get from the animal. I only want to kill a bear for the skin...is bear meat good to eat?

I'll probably end up shipping the meat home...does anyone else do this or is it too much of a hassle? Where can I have some venison sausage made?

Any information would be extremely helpful, I look forward to hearing from just about anyone. Thanks guys!

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New...but only one time hunter.

bear meat is good if prepared correctly, you'll want something 30 cal or bigger for a good clean kill on a bear, i perfer a head shot on bear it puts them down really quick. if you hunt with the right outfitter you won't have to worry about meat if you don't want it they'll take it. as for the amount of fur that'll depend on the size of bear ya harvest. if you don't wanna sit in a tree all day i'd concider hunting behind a good pack of hounds for bear it's a exciting way to hunt

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New...but only one time hunter.

i live right accross the river from AUG,Ga in Aiken SC. Sorry to dissapoint you but there is no bear hunting in that part of the state. You will have to travel further north to do that towards TN/GA border. As for deer hunting your gun will work fine. Someone around the augusta area should know a good place to hunt becuase there is no place in augusta it self that can be hunted.

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New...but only one time hunter.

dont forget - you have to hunt during the appropiate season.

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